Climate Change in Kingsnorth

Kingsnorth Parish Council are committed to reducing its carbon footprint and Co2 emissions to help save the planet.

In April 2022 the Parish Council conducted an audit of its carbon footprint and found that it generates an average of 13.1 Tonnes of CO2 Emissions in a year (which is broadly equivalent to the average UK household).

The areas that require work to reduce the Parish Council’s Carbon Footprint are:

  • The amount of Fuel (Diesel & Petrol) used (41.5%).
  • The amount of miles driven for business and commuting by Parish staff and councillors (19.53%).
  • Energy consumption (Gas and Electricity) (14.91%).

Initial action plan:

  • To install solar panels on Parish Council owned buildings (Sports Pavilion).
  • To change our current lease diesel vehicle for an electric vehicle.
  • To reduce the amount of paper the council uses and to use only 100% recycled paper.
  • To use 100% recycled and compositable products in the Kingsnorth Community Café.
  • Replace all petrol tools with electric to reduce our fuel usage.